There are many woodstoves out there that are real creosote makers and have many other problems as well, such as the engineering, construction, performance, longevity, serviceability, etc. of them. That’s why (years ago) after repeatedly being asked what brand of woodstove we recommended, we sat down and compiled a list of characteristics that we felt made up a good woodstove, such as:

  1. One made of steel, not cast iron! (Because cast iron ends up cracking and warping, etc.)
  2. One without grates! (Because the grates burn out.)
  3. One that burns the smoke without a catalytic combustor! (Because if it burns the smoke that means you’ll get more heat and less creosote out of the wood you burn. However, we didn’t want one with a catalytic combustor because they too will end up burning out and can be very expensive to replace.)
  4. One with a removable baffle! (So that it can be easily cleaned and serviced.)
  5. One with a glass door that stays clean. (So you can view your fire.) With an “air-wash system” smoke is kept away from the glass, keeping it clean.

After compiling this list of characteristics (& others) that we felt made a good woodstove, we did our research and found a company that had just what we were looking for. We’ve been recommending, ordering and installing them ever since and everyone has loved them! That brand of stove is “Osburn”. These stoves come in multiple sizes and have a variety of different options such as; legs or pedestal, gold, nickel or black trim, flat glass or bay window, etc. (Not all shown here.)


CT HIC License # 610458


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