Then you also have the corrosion issue with tiles! Rain going down inside an un-capped oil flue mixes with the oil soot and forms sulfuric acid which will deteriorate the tiles and can actually eat holes all the way through them over time. Not to mention, they are building furnaces more and more efficient now which puts more moisture inside the chimney. (For every gallon of oil you burn, it produces over a gallon of water in the fumes.) So even when you don’t have rain coming down inside the chimney and mixing with the oil soot to form sulfuric acid, you still have all the moisture in the fumes that are being emitted from the furnace that will do the same. That’s another one of the reasons it is important to keep your oil flue clean.

So because of all those reasons…

  • The deteriorating mortar joints every two feet.
  • The cracking.
  • Staggered tiles.
  • Corrosion, etc.

…chimneys often need to be relined. The way we do this, is with stainless steel. Which done correctly, should outlast the house. When we say “done correctly” that is because there are different grades of stainless steel (which most companies won’t tell you about.) We only use the best grade stainless steel available for your application. Ask us about our liners’ lifetime warranty!

Another thing most companies won’t tell you about is “insulating” the liners. WE insulate our liners. This is by far the best for a couple different reasons.


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