Cracked Tiles

99 out of 100 times a chimney fire will crack the ceramic flue tiles rendering it un-safe to use and in need of re-lining!

Tiles are made of ceramic. If they heat up or cool down too quickly, they will crack! Just like if you pour hot water into a cold glass (or cold water into a hot glass.) Even someone starting up their woodstove on a cold day and leaving the woodstove door ajar to get the fire burning better and faster, can actually crack the tiles. (Because of the sudden heat increase into a cold chimney) That’s why chimney fires also crack the tiles. There is a very sudden temperature increase when the creosote catches fire, then usually a very sudden decrease in temperature after the fire goes out. (Especially if the hot tiles are sprayed with cold water to put out the fire)


CT HIC License # 610458

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