(When insulating a liner for an oil flue or gas flue)
The reason for insulating a liner for an oil or gas flue is because of all the moisture in the fumes. As previously stated, for every gallon of oil you burn it produces over a gallon of water in the fumes. For every cubic foot of gas you burn, you get two cubic feet of water in the fumes. Insulating the liners will help to keep all the moisture in the oil and gas fumes hot so that they stay in the form of steam and will rise up and out the top of the chimney rather than condense on the inside walls and run back down inside your chimney and home. That way you could avoid a possible mess inside your house. This will also mean a lot less of that corrosive sulfuric acid and wet messy soot inside your chimney.

So for all the previously stated reasons (and pictures), we insulate our liners. (And never get any call-backs because of problems with them.) Our liners should outlast you and your house!


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